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 Vancouver meet-up in 2010

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PostSubject: Vancouver meet-up in 2010   Sun May 24, 2009 8:56 pm

In February of 2010, from the 12th to the 28th, the Winter Olympic Games are being held in Vancouver. (Vancouver, Richmond, Whistler) In spite of what the news media is saying about this event, it is not welcomed by the entire city.
During the event the sites, housing and transportation corridors will be covered with security from the police, private firms, and the Canadian military. Around these area we are not needed, and problably not welcomed.
However there are areas of the city that could use our help during this period, notably the downtown eastside. This is a area often reported as being the area of the lowest income in all of Canada. The area is full of prostitution and drug dealing and gangs. With all the homeless people being pushed out of the downtown core this area will triple in population and could use a hand. This is also the area where I do most of my work as Thanatos.
In order for this to be a success for us and to actually do some good we have to start with the planning now and see who is coming and when. I am looking to take my vacation from work during this time but may not have the entier period free. I also don't expect everyone to be able to stay for the entire time either so we need to talk dates and see when the most of us can get together.
I will be talking with DERA (Downtown Eastside Residents Association) about the possibility of doing patrols in the area and helping out where and when needed. I will also speak with Vancouver Police to let them know this is happening so they at least are aware of us.
I feel that a bit of media attention would be helpful to us here so the population knows who and what we are. This could help us in our missions, and some good PR is always a welcome to the movement as a whole. I will talk with some of the local TV stations and papers to see what can be done.
We can do the patrols in groups with maybe a large patrol with everyone to start off with and smaller ones as we progress. Also local agencies will be stressed so extra handout missions with food and water and blankets will be appreciated as well.
As the date draws closer we can set up some conference calls and chat times either via IM or on a board chatroom.
here are some sites of interest providing some information:
I will get a full report from the police, (VPD and RCMP) as to what is legal to carry for us. by the way, body armor is leagal here.
I do need to know who is coming and what your interested in doing while here. suggestions and advice are always welcome.
this could be a really great experience for all of us if we plan well and do things right.
oh by the way...
Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, is welcome.

(edit) my email:
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Number of posts : 145
Localisation : British Columbia
Registration date : 2008-01-24

PostSubject: more info   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:48 am

these are scans of the hotel listing provided by the downtown eastside resisdents association.
please keep in mind these are the hotels located in the downtown eastside and are NOT by any means 5 star hotels. this is right in the thick of things with stuff happening all around.
Vancouver is a strange beast and while many would like to jump in and 'engage' some of those you will see around you here, the best method is watching and calling in the actions to the police.
there is just too much going on to try to stop it my 'traditional' means of operation.

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Vancouver meet-up in 2010
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