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PostSubject: Justifier   Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:02 am

Hello everybody!

First of all sorry that it took so long to introduce myself, but here it goes.

I see that most of you are from the States, but im from Finland (Finland is located in northen Europe, next to Russia). I live in a city called Nokia (no I do not live in a mobile phone, Nokia is actually a small city in Finland). Nokia has been pretty peacefull place to live for as long as I know. But now things are turning bad, the criminality rates are raising fast (Drug dealing, muggling, cars/bikes being stolen etc.). The worst thing is that the policeforces arent powerfull enough to stop these kinds of acts of criminality.

And that is why I have started to think that if police cant handdle the situation someone has to help em. That someone could be me. I'm still on the starting point of the whole rlsh business and its still going to take some time before I can turn my thoughts into action. I have trained myself physically for my whole my life and I'm a former boxer. I know I have what It takes to be a real-life superhero, both physically and mentally. I have decided that I call myself Justifier, but I dont know what my costume is going to look like and what equipments Im going to use. I hope that by reading these forums Ill find some usefull advice that will help me further with my misson.


Ps. Sorry about the mistakes with English language that I might have made, english aint the language that we speak in Finland. =P
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