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 What is the cause for you becoming a RLS?

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PostSubject: What is the cause for you becoming a RLS?   Tue Nov 06, 2007 6:23 pm

I know I have decided to become a rls like you guys,but I have never read comics like most people do and watched many super hero films.
My question is kind of simple,and I am not trying to be rude about this ,do you guys take being a super hero is something that is needed in real-life and can do good or does it just come from a obssesion with comic book heroes such as batman?
I have noticed that most of you do take it seriously and do do a lot of work ,but I never imagined people like you actually stoping criminals in their tracks .
I personaly do not want to engage a criminal in melee combat or projectile for the sake of getting stabbed,shot or killed ,I
prefer to take notes on them and report them to the police.I also just do not see how you guys can engage things like gangs,it is truely amazing.

~The Quincy~
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PostSubject: Re: What is the cause for you becoming a RLS?   Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:16 am

I've gotten some flack for it in the past, but I am not one of those guys who takes on crack houses with swords. I usually focus my time on charities and things like that. More of a social activist then anything else. However I do have a few items that I keep on me for just in case.
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PostSubject: Re: What is the cause for you becoming a RLS?   Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:27 am

The main focus of my mission is animals and street crime. I guess I have always loved animals, and growing up in a tough 'hood always made me hate street crime, so the seed was always there. My fav heroes were never ones with super powers, except maybe a little smarter and more determined than the rest, Batman, Nick Fury, Green Arrow, Punisher (though I disagree with his methodology). When I got back from Iraq, I was just beat and tired of life, busted up on the outside (wrecked joints) and the inside. I end up getting a dog, and he really turned my life around. I that's when it all finally clicked. He practically saved my life, Now it's time I returned the favor. I got involved in animal shelters, volunteering, and learned about the political side of animal rights (Don't support BSL) and discovered there is evil on both sides (PETA) of the coin. It just never seemed like enough to pay back BackUp. One day, when I was walking down the street in my 'hood (rough place) I saw some young lady getting harassed by the street toughs. I used to cross the street to avoid them. Not cuz I am afraid mind you, but I didna wanna send some one to a hospital. But for some reason (I guess having BackUp with me, I usually walk him during the day, but decided to take him out on a whim that night), I walked right up to them and suggested they leave her alone. They rounded on me like they might decide they wanted a different person to bully, when they finally noticed my sidekick. It's understandable they missed him, BackUp is almost entirely dark brindle, a natural camoflauge. I guess 4 on one was what they wanted, but 4 on 2, when one of them was a 90 pound bully, with a 28 inch head, was a bit much. So they wakled, with a rumbling bark to speed them along.

The young lady thanked me and petted Backup. She even said she was normally afraid of dogs, but now was thinking about getting one.

Ever since, Me and my partner in (solving)crime have been doing our thing, and I even got another pup, Harlequin, I am training. Soon our dynamic duo will be a terrific trio, and that is just the beginning. we don't just help damsels, but dudes, dogs, and any other living thing in distress, be it a baby bird fallen froma tree (The saddest of my daring deeds, as the little robin died anyway) to telling the street toughs to find another corner to hang out in. Heck even when we are off duty, the rash of break ins neighborhood wide have skipped over my block, I think in thanks to my pups.
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PostSubject: Re: What is the cause for you becoming a RLS?   

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What is the cause for you becoming a RLS?
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