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 starlight material

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PostSubject: starlight material   Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:00 am

I found a page on the starlight material:

Quote :
Well, I know this comment comes a little late. Maurice Ward, the inventor of Starlite, did not invent his Starlite material because his wife died in a commuter plane crash due to heat insulation problems, it was a commercial airliner crash. The crash wasn't fatal; it was the burning plastic materials inside the plane that caused toxic fumes and smoke to kill the passengers, many of which were indeed children. Maurice Ward waited for years trying to market his invention, but could not find any partners in the United Kingdom. It was not the millions of dollars that interested him, it was in maintaining 51% control of the business so that it would not become corrupted or misused. There were no, 0, takers in the U.K, although one company did offer him $13million pounds sterling (about US$20million) and 45% control; he turned it down on the control issue.

Update 2004:,13028,1187576,00.html is his domain
Administrative Contact:
Starlite Technologies
Maurice Ward
PO Box 256
Hartlepool, TS26 0DJ

Phone: +1.441429273557

Here you can see what the site had on it in March, 2007
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starlight material
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