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 Tothian's Weapons & Gadgets

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PostSubject: Tothian's Weapons & Gadgets   Sat May 26, 2007 1:14 am

Hey everyone,

Just showing off some of my newer weapons, and a gadget I've used on some night-time summer patrols for some years now.

Extendable Baton

Baton/Double Swords/2-Sided Sword

My Sword, coincedentially just like the one from blade, that I'll save the world with:

(Has a hidden compartment, with a small blade!)

Pretty little blade I got here, no??

Batman blade. It's so beautiful, it could be deadly, but I'd rather use for decoration!

Camouflage Hunting Blade!

Military Moonbeam. Can use different color lenses. Hooks on to my belt. Made of a hard plastic, so it could make a great weapon. I love carrying this thing on patrols!

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Tothian's Weapons & Gadgets
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