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 Internet Security Part 1

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PostSubject: Internet Security Part 1   Tue Mar 13, 2007 1:40 pm

Internet Security Part 1
ę Thread Started on Mar 10, 2007, 4:11pm Ľ

Internet Security 1

This is going to be a resource for Internet security tips /suggestions. It will be cross-posted on both the alternates sponsored GLOBAL HEROICS BOARD and THE EARTH AGENTíS BOARD. Those who choose to add to it are invited to do so on both boards to keep all concerned fully informed.

Section # 1 of however many sections it takes.
1.Do not use Yahoo E- Mail for anything you want to keep secure.
Do not use it when the free space site space you want to acquire space on asks for a default e-mail address to send passwords to. There is a wannabe hacker program out there that lets the little script kiddies break into it. Then they send in password retrieval requests to everything you have on line and any that default to that yahoo e-mail address will be messed with. They can also mess with your yahoo ID that the e-mail is attached to. I found this out when 1 of the little morons (who called himself Argon) went after me a while back. You may as well profit from my mistake. Needless to say I have learned better since. Nothing defaults to my Yahoo e-mail any more. I know thatís how they got into my Yahoo Id as well as my stuff on line because I had some other yahoo ids without an attached yahoo e mail and they have yet to be breached. While there are probably other ways to breach an ID no sense making it that easy for them. While irritating, little Argon did no lasting damage because I did remember the 1st. Rule of computing. BACK UP ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING OF VALUE TO YOU. Put it in multiple locations if you really value it.

2. Do not save your e-mails to your computer or leave them on the on line e-mail server. That way if someone does manage to break in they wonít find diddly to help them. If you have 1 you whish to keep copy and paste it to some form of removable media that you can take out of the computer. This includes floppies, zip drives, RE-WRITABLE CD ROMS and memory sticks. Do the same things with your address list as well. Your business is your business and doing these simple things will keep it that way. Itís also helpful when you need to move from computer to computer or if your hard drive ever goes down. To be super secure make multiple backups and store them in separate locations. Personally I have backups stored all the way from where I live in Wellsburg NY to a friends house in Alton Illinois on the other side of St Louis MO. and points in between. Anything that happens that takes out that much real estate will probably have me far too busy to go on line anyway. Some might think that a tad paranoid . But just because you feel paranoid doesnít mean they arenít out to get you. In my case several wannabes have tried so Iím justly cautious security wise. When we get to making web sites on line youíll see some of these suggestions pop up again.

3. Get a secure e-mail server and account.
This will leave out Yahoo e-mail for the reasons mentioned above. Iíd also suggest avoiding as it seems to collect computer viruses and other assorted nasties like a ownerless dog does fleas. The e-mail address you get from your provider is usually reasonably secure. If someone does get into it you at least have someone from the provider service you can call on the phone to help you get it squared away. The 1 downside is that some provider e-mail services can only be accessed from your home computer. Be sure and inquire if your provider e mail has a web based option as well for when you may need to get in away from home. As far as FREE web based e mail services go I recommend Itís free , can be accessed from anywhere and is super secure. When you sign up for it it asks for a alternate e-mail address in case you lose your password. Most e mail services do. But where opera is different is that it will only send password requests to that address. If someone asks it to send the password to any other address (like say yahoo) it refuses and politely records the day and time of that request and the IP address of the requestor. Gosh darn polite for a freebie e-mail service in my opinion. With that information and some free sites on line you can deal harshly with the little maggot trying to get in. That includes turning them in to the proper authorities like the good citizens we all aspire to be. These are the basics for keeping your e mail safe and none mentioned will ding you in the pocket much if at all. If I missed any feel free to add them in

John D Koen AKA Superman
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Internet Security Part 1
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