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PostSubject: Eclipse   Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:09 pm

Hey there,
My name is Eclipse and for those of you who do not know me nice to meet you.
I have been a Real Life superhero for about four years and I have gone by a few differn't names over the years.
My main goal as a real life superhero are to help improve humanity in general,to help other's out and not do it through vigilante acts.
I am lover of peace and I particularly hate fighting and would rather talk something out in words before fighting , I won't hesitate to protect someone or a cause and whether hurting someone comes at that risk to protect that,then that is the risk I am willing to take.
I am a enviromentalist as well,I help clean up the community,I also like to take part in charity's and finnaly yeah the good old beating up the bad guys.
Not literally,I live in a small town and well I do patrol ,but there is not much to patrol and if I do then it is mostly a neighborhood watch which will last only a half an hour.
I would mostly have to go to my local city to do a good neighborhood watch,but I have in the small town I live in prevented theft and vandalism several times ,have called the police on drunks and someone who tried to asssault me during a patrol.
There has also been a time when I have also helped to identify a criminal break in and I even offered the bussiness owner to risk my life to check out a person and make sure they were not innocent .
I have also participated once in a town hall meeting and been granted permission to clean up the local town of graffiti on the bridges and also local parks .
I did that for a while and never asked for anything in return.
The funny thing is once you have done these things for a while people start to hate you.
I get called fag and every other name in the dictionary for what I do,then there are the people who call me ninja which just make me laugh.
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