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 how I spent my days off from work

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PostSubject: how I spent my days off from work   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:36 am

thought I would share some pictures from the handout today/

bread. One fellow had remarked how he had'nt seen a full loaf of bread in four years.

ready to go. while it would be nice to see this in the newspapers I would hate to see the headline 'homeless people smothered by obsene amounts of cling warap.'

quiet streets. I like it this way

sleeping on the steps

young men from Europe. they were hungry.

checked on William. he still doing

sleeping off the effects. what an eye opener!

on Hastings street. he said he wasnt ready for me yet. (death)

a busy morning

and life goes on at main and hastings.
and that's how I spend my day's off from work.
I am Thanatos
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how I spent my days off from work
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