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 pictures with Peter Tangen

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PostSubject: pictures with Peter Tangen   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:39 pm

I was recently contacted via e-mail by Peter Tangen. He is a world famous photographer and has done the photography for movies usch as Spiderman, Hellboy and a long list of others.
What he wants to do is to take pictures of RLSH and show us the same way the movie superheroes are shown. He really does believe in us for what we are and do. He had the greatest respect for all of us and I was treated great by him and his staff.
I have to admit it was fun and the pictures he took were fantastic! you really have to see what he can do to really appreaciate it.
He is doing this to document us and in a way, promote us as real and not just a bunch of costumed crazies with good intentions. (I know, that's half of us at least)
I don't know how much my word counts for anything, but as far as I am concerned everyone should accept his offer and do this, I gave him some names and recomended him to this board as well os the other. (I also warned him about the WSR. He wont be going there. haha)
He is interested in meeting as many as he can. And trust me, he really is interested. Great guy.
so have some fun and get your picture taken.
we now return you to your regular board........
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pictures with Peter Tangen
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