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 Upgrade and Goodbye

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PostSubject: Upgrade and Goodbye   Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:04 am

Dear Members of the Earth Agents forum.
I am unable to maintain a membership on this forum. I must thank Superman for allowing me the chance to work on different projects. I am sincerely sorry for the distress this will cause. I have a lot going on in my life as well as working on different RLSH related projects that will take up a majority of my online time. And there are a few security issues that I have to work on for the future. Rather than create unnecessary discord and hurt feelings I feel it would be best at this time to take my leave.
However, as a parting gift, I would like to offer my last services.
In a special file on the hosting site for Earth Agents, you will find a proposed upgrade
I have taken the liberty to spend most of my day working on this. I am unsure about the chat 01 page, but I have the confidence that the Earth Agents staff would figure out how to insert the needed chat code. If this is a agreeable format, I can email Tothian the zip file or you can do with the code what you wish. This code can easily be used by any web software and automatically downgrades for older tech or for cellular phones.
When you do change options, you will have to go to each page and change the links that way (real gorilla html rather than using a site application). But there are only 5 pages to modify.
I did not work on the secure site page that requires a password. I made that option open to a new window for security issues.
So good luck to all in the good fight and take care.
Please remove my account per my wishes, my e-mail address for verification is at and the first voice chat session I had with Superman was on Paltalk.

P.S. I have a few recommendations. First, please look into Google Maps for your Oracle mapping needs. Google has created many different applications that can easily fit within the goals of the Earth Agents rather than Yahoo. Google security is also at least 25% better with the Group sites as well.
Second. Geocities will be closing down, so a few of the options. Consider using a site like bravenet or something for your guestbooking needs.
Third. Consider looking into Widgets. There are a few widget applications that you can use that relay crime fighting information which can be relevent.
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Upgrade and Goodbye
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