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PostSubject: patroling   Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:19 am

been really busy with work and then the heatwave here. I've been giving out water during the day at work and then again at night as Thanatos. I've also been soing some investigations into a few things I have seen and heard about. More about those at a later date if and when anything develops.
anyway, here are a few pictures. I dont have that many that I can post. I try not to take photos of those I am helping right now, just too many it seems. I also dont really like posing pictures so you dont see me at the steam clock or things like that.

pulling myself together. I'm not using the coat as it is just too hot for it.

been working a lot from the vehicle as it allow me to cover more ground and watch a larger area.

been watching and learning the night life.

met with Adair Cole in Mountainview cemetary on wednesday night. good interview. more about it in another thread later.

giving out water and my monthly handout.

going everywhere from city hall

to under bridges
when I get some time I will blog about things I've ben seeing. I've heard some great stories from people and starting to gather some usable intel as well.

and for those of you who thought there would be no cat picture

and because so many take pictures in the bathroom I thought it would be a good place
remember, just because you dont hear from me for a while dosent mean I'm gone.

I'm out there in the darkness. fighting my war.
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