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 busy time for me

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PostSubject: busy time for me   Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:11 am

I havent been on the board much lately because I have been busy. Both with work and doing my 'Thanatos thing". Been doing some walking around, some patroling and a lot of snooping. I'm trying to find leads to some things I had been looking into before I was forced to relocate my home last year.
Kinda frustrating but I am progressing slowly. As things happen or move into place I'll be able to post more about it. I'm also going to make a patrol type video showing some of the things I run across and see on the streets here.
So just to show you some of my life I thought I would share some pictures here with you.
This is a air ambulance helicopter at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. Taken with my cell phone.

Just thought those were cool.
At work I go many places

I get to do some strange shit from time to time.

I see some sad stuff as well.

death by drug overdose
But I'm still out there trying to track some of the gangs

and still learning the rythem of the night in my city, Vancouver

So I'm still around, just not on to talk as much. As things happen I will get some time just to play on the computer for a bit.
I'll also be posting about the Easter Seals event I am entering to rapell down a 20 story building. (Without getting arrested
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busy time for me
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