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 sidelined for a week

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PostSubject: sidelined for a week   Tue May 26, 2009 7:49 pm

Looks like I'm on the sidelines for about a week or two here due to an eye injury.
Last week I accidently got a smear of hand sanitizer in my eye. I flushed it with water at once but it stayed a little bit red and slightly sore afterwards. then about 3am on Sunday night I woke to pain in the eye and could'nt see out of it. Bright and early Mon morning I went down to VGH (Vancouver General Hospital) emerg to get it checked by a doctor.
They eye was very blood shot and swollen and clouded over and hurt like hell. I was five hours in emerg before they sent me across the street to their eye clinic so a speciallist could look at it.
It seems that the inflamation from the spach took some time to work itself up to a point where the iris and lens and colored part got all stuck together so the eye couldnt drain normally. normal eye pressure is about 10 something or the others, mine was over 40.
This came about because several years ago I got latex paint (a single small drop) in my eye and had toxic shock in it. this scarred some of the interior and this led to my current problem.
They put in about a dozen different types of drops including atropine to get it to open and drain.
so after another five hours there it started to draina nd they sent me home and told me to come back today.
The eye has gone down and vision has returned and it looks a bit red but nothing like it did. the doctor said I had to take it easy for the rest of the week. I can return to work on friday but nothing too heavy or physical for about another week.
Their going to look at it again on the weekend and schedule me for a laser treatment to make a small hole in the eye next to the lens so I wont have this problem again.
what fun. Crying or Very sad
so for the next week or so I am stuck at home and work and nothing more till this gets fixed. I'm not supposed to even train or excert myself to much until the eye is completly healed up.
I'm hoping to use this time to do some research into some stuff on the internet and of course, be on teh boards a bit more.
don't worry I will be fine and back on the street as soon as I can. it takes more than this to stop the dark avenger cheers

just thought I would share so you wouldnt wonder how come I was hanging around so much :hello:
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sidelined for a week
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