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 The Earth Agents and Sentinels RLSH manifesto,

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PostSubject: The Earth Agents and Sentinels RLSH manifesto,   Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:10 pm

Hi to whoever reads this, The Earth Agents and Sentinels RLSH manifesto. Most reading this will already know me and know that I take the RLSH movement very seriously. Towards those ends I created The Earth Agents Site as a resource site for all heroes and The Sentinels Site for the team that I am proudly a part of.
To me the phrase earth agents means someone living and working on the planet earth who makes significant and hopefully positive changes around them. When I established a Sentinel Presence on the signal light it was to let the RLSH community at large know of my individual team and maybe do a little recruiting. It was also to establish a place to put out information and such to the entire RLSH movement. Sadly not all are registered on the EA or Sentinel sites. Itís kind of like fishing. If you want to catch any fish you have to go to where they are biting. So here I am. There are some folks who seem to think that you have to be rich or financed by someone who is to be effective as a Super Hero. I have 2 words for that stance and the 1st one is Bull. Bet you can guess the other one. Super Heroes (especially those from the comics) are by and large from working class backgrounds. But then again so are most in the movement. See how nice that works out. Not to denigrate the rich folks out there that are into philanthropy. Most are rich or become rich because their thing is accumulating money. You donít accumulate it when you give it away. Folks from upper middle class and working classes generally contribute the most money to charity. Probably because they are most familiar with how it feels to be between a rock and a hard place. That, a inborn desire to help others, a sense of crime running rampant, and wanting to make changes for the better are what fuel the legitimate members of the RLSH movement. Now down to brass tacks. The movement has formed on the internet and if it is to succeed as a whole it needs to use the power of the internet . Many hands make for light work. Usually less than 20 % of an objectís cost is materials. With the skill sets we can tap into on line there is no way we canít get what tech we need at a price everyone can afford. Scouring and communicating on the net we can find the cheapest cost for said materials. Working together if it can be done we can do it. Toward that end I have opened up the sentinel outpost on signal light and pledge all skills and resources I have to the cause. All hero, hero support and any other interested parties are invited to join. Examples of how it can work can be furnished on request.



This looks like a job for...Superman!!! Up Up and Away!!!
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The Earth Agents and Sentinels RLSH manifesto,
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