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PostSubject: RE: THE FIRST EARTH BATTALION   Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:00 pm


Recent Messages from Col, Jim Channon:

Welcome to those of you who will dare to think the unthinkable,

The awakened warriors, and of course you my own loyal Evolutionary Ranger Scouts.

You are in good company. I want to thank all the “players” in our world wide network of Ranger Scouts for their work then and now as we continue into a new century striving to bring this world of ours into the vibrance it deserves. I truly value you continued loyalty service and hard work, world wide.

I encourage you the others of similar mind to read the manual and accept the far-reaching challenges that are fit for you, or even consider joining us through our overgrowing network of world wide training/research projects.

WE are all at the shift point ….make your move!--Col, Jim Channon -- Commander -- First Earth Battalion.

The Us Military Recently quoted this about the original project:

"The US Army's, FIRST EARTH BATTALION program was headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, and was part of the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Leaders included Generals Edmund Thompson and Albert Stubblebine, and Colonel John Alexander.

Officers assigned to the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania contributed research to the project, and "THE FIRST EARTH BATTALION" is essentially the finalized product of there research.

Although unreservedly New Age, the War College project was not in any way theoretical at all. Colonel Alexander, for example, went on to become a leader in the Los Alamos National Lab's non-lethal weapons program. Likewise, during the early 1980s Special Forces hired Richard Strozzi Heckler created two A-teams, a total of 25 men, with training in biofeedback, Krav-Maga, and "mind-body psychology." education in psychology was also a strict part of the program, a typical training day included running, swimming, "industrial-strength" calisthenics, and 1-1/2 hours of full contact Krav-Maga practice. After six months, the soldiers were not only Krav-Maga masters but they were quantifiably 75% more physically fit and psychologically better attuned and educated than any other comparable member of the US Military.

Quoting Channon: "The ideas circulated by this mythical force [First Earth Battalion] began with COMBAT OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE… the principal that if any contest is viewed by the television audience, it will be judged in the end on ethical superiority. The world will be watching and investigating soldiers after any major international military event."

It is in this spirit that THE FIRST EARTH BATTALION sprang into existance with the continued motto: "De Oppresso Liber"! It is US Army tradition that the phrase is Latin for "To Free The Oppressed." but we may also consider an alternate translation "Free From Having Been Oppressed" as should be our goal for all mankind.

Now in the year 2000 The First Earth Battalion has appointed dynamic former Military Officers from all over the world to act as its "Evolutionary Ranger Scouts" These Officers have been sent forth to aid in recruitment, development and training projects. with the end goal of finally under the Command of Channon creating the First Earth Battalion.


The Way of the Warrior Monk:

Those who strive after the truth and travel extensively in their quest are known as warriors. They are capable... they get the job done. Good soldiers are also know as warriors. THE FIRST EARTH wants the actions and orientation of the Warrior... but tempered with the patience and sensitivity and ethics of the monk. These are the soldiers/hero's who have the power to make paradise. Why strive for anything less.

We Need More Options:

Thinkers in the third wave know that collecting solutions, just increases your options. So to be hero's we need to create more options, we need to have at our finger tips to deal with the imminent problems that the world is about to face. Force as an option has lost much of its flexibility, We need to lead the way by increasing our own personal creativity.

These are two slightly tweaked opening statements from the Training Manual of the highly experimental: FIRST EARTH BATTALION.

As I have mentioned previously in many of my posts, it is what gave me the initial framework many years ago for my RLSH model that has proved so successful ever since.

I cannot emphasize enough what a useful piece of work this is, so long as you read between the lines and extract the best bits. The FIRST EARTH BATTALION was the name proposed by Jim Channon, an American Officer who had seen service in Vietnam, for his idea of a new US Military Force that would be be organised along slightly more new age lines.

Channon went on a two year research mission on behalf of the US Army, spending time with many of the people credited with starting the New Age movement and subsequently wrote an operations manual for a FIRST EARTH BATTALION.

Rather than using bullets and munitions, Channon envisaged that this new force would attempt to conquer the hearts and minds of the enemy using positive actions, carrying symbols of peace and employing unconventional but non-lethal weapons to subdue others and also high level ultra high-tech body armour for protection, although all members would be trained to the highest level in multiple martial arts as well. However Lethal force was to be a last resort. Members would practice yoga meditation and primal screams to attain battle readiness.

Some ideas proposed in the writings of Channon later found their way into military procedures for psychological warfare. The FIRST EARTH BATTALION manual's proposal to use music to effect "psychological mind-change" was one.

Channon also proposed, that if a larger proportion of the US Armies development budget was steered away from lethal weaponry and into non- lethal weaponry, then perhaps they could generate the solutions and consequently options that where required for the FIRST EARTH BATTALION project to succeed. Perhaps in a funny way that is what we are should be striving for or doing as R.L.S.H.

I would love to pass this great work onto some more of you to aid in your, RLHS quests in the hope that it can help you as much as it has helped me. If you like a copy you can E-Mail me at: and I will send you a copy straight back in PDF format.

Hope to hear from many of you in the next few days, it would be nice to discuss it with other people.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes ~ * { David Nemo } * ~
“Far to Continental for Mankind!”

Mobile: +44 7999 343333
Skype Me: itbloke

PS. Always Remember to never underestimate the practical man who has the depth of perception to philosophize as well, or you may not survive to regret it?
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