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 Setup of The Sentinels

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PostSubject: Setup of The Sentinels   Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:45 pm

Hi Gang,

I thought that by way of example and instruction I would detail how the sentinel group ( which I am a part of ) is set up. If anyone sees any flaws in the set up they are cordially invited to respond to this post with their suggestions. This post will be on both the Earth Agents board located at and the Signal Light board located at Both sites contain more info than what is on their respective boards and I suggest you checkout all of it. You will notice that The Sentinel site doesnít have a bulletin board. Close knit teams donít need 1 as they talk to each other in real time. At present the Sentinels Group consists of 3 public faces. The Force, Robert The Robot and me under the name Superman. There are also a number of others both listed and unlisted in roles of hero support. 1of the 1st. things you learn when working within a group is the importance of security and respecting the privacy of others. Towards that end a person isnít listed on the Sentinelís Site. unless they wish to be Some of the others do not wish to be tracked down by their e mail address as it may reveal their civilian identities. To cover that I have an e mail alias program (available at CJB NET for free) to hide the addresses from everyone but me. The alias program automatically forwards the e-mails to their correct respective addresses. No one gets in that section but me. So far for some reason everyone in the group seems to trust me and I will not violate that trust in any way. For communication purposes a mailing list (available to all members) is maintained along with both public and private chat rooms. A e mail service untraceable to a home IP is built into the siteas well for messages outside the group. When a patrol is going down all appropriate radio signals are routed to a password protected chat room set up in pal talk. These include all the local cop and fire department signals and the emergency CB radio channels used in the area. The name of the room and itís password are changed every so often to increase security. But itís a safe bet that said room never says sentinels on it. No sense asking for trouble. Any room name and password changes are sent out via e-mail to all concerned parties. The 1st member on line sets up the room accordingly. While all can and do type in the text area to sound part is reserved for the incoming radio signals. These are then relayed by hero support members to those in the field. We also have a multi use map. Part of which is the crime map generated by the oracle project. Covered in clear contact paper it also has the local state and any other cop car patrol route mapped out. This serves several purposes. It keeps us from being busted for being vigilantes , makes sure we are patrolling the areas that they donít cover and helps to highlight likely high crime areas that arenít being covered. All members of the Sentinels have access to the map and it is kept updated. Sort of along the lines of " keep your friends close and your enemies closer. " Now for the fun part that is only available thanks to computers and the internet. Hero Support in particular does not have to be limited to the geographical area being patrolled. Willing hands and hearts can be harvested from anywhere on line. It makes good help not quite so hard to find. This and the rule of multiple backups came into play a while back. As some of you may know I was stuck in the hospital for an unplanned extended stay. Over a month, due to a triple bypass, with unforeseen complications. For those who are concerned I am finally recovering nicely and with some rehabilitation will be back up to snuff eventually. But due to the way that The Sentinels Group is set up the mission went on quite nicely without me. As a general rule I recommend setting all groups up so no 1 individual member being out of service doesnít screw things up. Any serious heroes group mission is far too important to let the absence of 1 of its members screw things up for the entire group.

Leader of The Sentinels

This looks like a job for...Superman!!! Up Up and Away!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Setup of The Sentinels   Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:50 am

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Setup of The Sentinels
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