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 things I have seen in my city

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PostSubject: things I have seen in my city   Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:09 am

For the past couple of weeks I have been busy with a search for a possible witness to a shooting here in Vancouver. My search has taken me all over the lower mainland of BC. during witch I have been observing and watching around me.
I have also done my monthly handout as well.
Thought I would share a bit of what I have encountered in my wanderings....

I met a woman of 78 years who says she had lived on the streets since she was thrown out of her home by her father at age 16. "I've lived my life on the street, I'll die on the street one day."
She approached me upon seeing my mask. She talked with me and afterwards ask to dance with me. While a young guy with a mohawk strummed "Tennesee Waltz" I obliged her and waltzed with her. She told me she had always wanted to dance with death. Now she had.

I watched as three junkies squatted in a laneway and cooked and shot up. They did'nt care if I stood and watched, one even offered a syrenge to me if 'I needed it'.

I watched the police fight with some guy who was high and freaking out wildly. He got free for a second and ran over and punched the side window of a police car and put his fist through it. He collapsed on the gound and the police cuffed him and got him in a wagon. He had apparently ran out into the street to attack the police car as it drove past him.

I met a man and his wife on bicycles with trailers attached containing everything they owned. They had lost their home last year and were camping on the streets evers since.

There were four young people sleeping in the door area of a store with their three dogs. two guys and two girls. They had come out here to BC to live better than in Montreal and Ottawa. They were new to the city but figured they could get themselves a place in a month or so by doing odd jobs and begging.
They had'nt eaten for three days. Their dogs not for two.

Some hispanice guys called to me from a second-floor landing where they were camped for the night. They said I was good luck and sang me some song in spanish. They were very high.

I watched a woman, bent over and staring at the ground go searching for crack that might have fallen there. She kept wandering into the street and almost getting hit. I went and pulled her onto the sidewalk. When she got a look at me she screamed and threw her purse out in to the street. Then she ran down to the detox regestry and yelled at the door until they let her in.

I met a girl, 13 years old and sitting in a laneway, hidden behind a garbage bin crying. Her mother had thrown her out of the house for smoking. That was four days earlier and she was hungry and scared and cold.
I called the police and they took her into child custody.

I met George the bunny man who keeps pet rabbits in his shopping carts. Local stores give him produce for the rabbits and feed the old guy as well. 22 years on the street.

This has been my city.
This is why I am here.
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things I have seen in my city
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