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 mission november

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PostSubject: mission november   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:40 pm

On November 20th myself and Lady Catacomb did the first of my 'handouts to the homeless'. I made ten bundles up, each containing a blanket, bottle of water, peanut butter with plastic spoon, loaf of bread, razor, soap, and lighter. We drove through the Mt. Pleasant area and found homeless by searching them out. I know of different corners I could have gone to and given the stuff out in less than a minute. I instead went out and searched out those who were alone or off by themselves.
I found them sleeping in stairwells exposed to the elements, I found several who had managed to find tarps and plastic to fashion tents over shopping carts. I found one girl simply sitting under a bridge. She told me she hadn't eaten for a couple of days and couldn't thank me enough for the bread and peanut butter. One fellow was trying to panhandle by standing on a traffic island with a sign at one of the busiest intersections in the lower mainland.
I discovered that they really needed things. The response from them was terrific. They thanked me and some had tears in their eyes. None could believe that somebody was doing this for them. We talked and learned much about them and how they ended up on the street in some cases.
I was in full costume and answered their questions simply. They accepted that and they accepted me. I was told by one guy I looked 'cool'.
We met a couple who had just lost their apartment and were forced onto the streets. I was shocked at the number of women we encountered. We met George the bunny man, a homeless guy with a rabbit for a pet. I'll look in on him as he has a broken foot and can't get around much. And just to top off the day, it rained the entire time we were out.
I would call it a success. We gave out ten bundles and touched ten people. And hopefully made ten new friends. It wasn't a lot in some ways, but it was the best I could do, and at least I did something.
Now I am planning on my December mission where I hope to be able to do more.
Also on a side note, I had a brief telephone conversation with my detective friend.
Seems that I am now what they call a “reliable source”. How about that?
I do what I can where I can.

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mission november
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