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 now it begins

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PostSubject: now it begins   Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:40 am

Now that Halloween is over and I've gotten my feet wet so to speak, it's time for the real work to begin. What with moving last month I am forced to start my investigations cold. But good intellegence starts at the street level and leads upwards if your willing to work with what you can get easily to start.
I'm going to try and do weekly postings on myspace as to my progress, methodology and failures as well as my hopeful sucesses. I hope that by doing these I will get feeback and advice and sugestions from any and all who read these. I will try for Sunday nights as this works best for me right now.
While Halloween night was quiet for me, by keeping myeyes open I was able to notice things. At times I felt like a spectator watching myself do things and take notice of things around me. I felt almost detached but still in control. I felt I was more Thanatos that I had ever been before. Hope that makes sense but it's the best I can explain the feeling.
I noticed a increase in grafiti in the area I used to live in. Some just tagging, but most was what they call 'gang script' up here. We passed two guys smoking pot. The one was dressed gansta style with lots of gold 'bling' and the other just sloppy but he also had a lot of gold on. They were smoking out of a tobacco pipe,( like a small sherlock holmes style only smaller) and talking softly together. They were in the gateway to a house with an open door that I took to be where they had come out from. People step outside to smoke quite often here.
This is not a pricey neighborhood so when you also see five high end BMW's all done up for racing you know something is going on. Further investigation show me that several of the cars are still around the location a couple of days later.
Noticed more attivity that could be drug related around a small plaza. it is one block away from the main intersection where drug dealers used to stand. Closing one store and more police traffic theough the corner moved them away. I think they just moved over a block.
Also check out the skytrain station and observed how the dealers stand in the walkway/laneway behind to sell and have salesmen types out front. They use the homeless around the area as a earlywarning system by geting them high and letting them sit on the corner. If they see cops they whistle or yell for some friend. Very clever.
I have some other things I wanted to look into as well and will be starting with some of them in the next week. I'm also planning on doing a handout to some of the homeless by American Thanksgiving. I hope to be able to at least put ten or so bundles of stuff together. Items will include a blanket, socks, gloves, some toiletries and whatever else I can get either for free or really cheap.
When possible I will post pictures of my activties and possible video as well. I will do this in the hope it helps to inspire others to do something positive. I also hope it draws attetion to the problems themselves and the present lack of solutions.
I do what I can, where I can.
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now it begins
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