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 1st actual patrol

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PostSubject: 1st actual patrol   Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:09 pm

Well, did my first patrol last night. Was out for about 5 hours in my old neighborhood.

Made my way from Main and Broadway, a major intersection down to Clark Ave. a distance of about 2 km. then south and west through the area by side streets.

I picked up a bunch of flouresent arm bands from Roger's Video Pumpkin Patrol and handed them out prety quickly. Next year I'll see if I can get a box load of them.

Took a stroll through the local mall and stopped for coffee before making my way over to city hall.

All in all pretty quiet. Looked the area over and noticed more grafiti around and more people dressed in gang fashion. Went past a few of these kinds of guys while they smoked a joint. They did'nt bother anyone and this is BC. Call the cops about something like that and they'll say "so what?"

Slowed a couple of cars down from speeding through the area when the kids were all out. Not much happened but I was out just in case.

The only excitment was when Lady Catacomb dropped her cell phone and I had to walk back the way we had come calling her phone on mine. Found it. Case solved. (I had so much fun telling my daughter about this I may post the story in the book section for fun.)
A good night. My gear all worked as I wanted. No trouble doing things or moving. Was quite warm out here last night but I was comfortable with everything on.
I was even given candy at a local church.

so all in all a pleasant but un-eventfull night.

I will count this as positive.

I will patrol as often as I can.

I will be out there....
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1st actual patrol
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