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 easter seals rappeling training today

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PostSubject: easter seals rappeling training today   Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:10 pm

Just got back a whle ago from the rappeling training with Easter Seals.
It was AWESOME! The session took place in Light House Park in West Vancouver. (that's across the harbor from Vancouver) It was a beautiful park full of very old growth trees. Great view from where we rappeled.
The cliff I went down was about 90 feet and over looked the ocean. I got to make two rappels and they are looking forward to Tuesday at the building. I was confident, I have done this sort of thing before although it has been a while.
The lady from Easter Seals was excited to see me and just acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary walking along with me. Gord, our trainer was great and he also acted like he talked to people in mask all the time.
The funniest was walking back afterwrds and passing people in the park. Nobody made anything close to eye contact. In fact they acted like they just did'nt notice me. Or tried to anyway. One lady kept talking to her friend with a neutral expression but her eyes never left me.
Also funny was that Lady Catacomb accompanied me to take picture and lost her phone on the trail to the site. Luckily one of the easter seal ladies found it as I was calling it from my phone to hear it ring as we walked along.

anyways... here are the two pictures we managed to get.

getting ready. you can see the terrain here and the ocean in the far backgound.

Gord, our trainer and me at the start of my second rappel. this pic gives you an idea of the height we were at.

Well, here's hoping I can do the rappel on Tuesday. Even if I don't do the rappel I am going down to lend my support to those who are willingly being a "superhero for a day".

Every little bit helps so send in those dimes and nickel. I am hoping to make $1500 (I'm almost half way there) but anything I make is going for a great cause, so dig in and throw some change this way.
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easter seals rappeling training today
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