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 my vent on 911

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PostSubject: my vent on 911   Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:58 am

I will share this with you just this one time

I took some time today to just sit quietly, as I do each September 11th since that day, and think back to my trip to New York. I'll never forget my visits to the towers. I went almost every day. I thought they were among the greatest things I had ever seen.
I think about my homeland, now less than 30 miles away and I remember that at heart and soul, I will always be an American. I may live in Canada because I like it here. But I am and always will be American. I never forget that.
I think back to my days in the service of my country. I fought in a unpopular war against impossible odds and came back alive and in onc piece. I gave my heart, my sweat and my blood to defend my country. I never forget what I did for my country. I would do so again.
I never forget that day. I remember almost each minute as it passed. I'll always remember the feelings of horror, fear, and sorrow.
I'll never forget the hatred that was bred in me that day.
It was'nt hatred against Muslims. I passed through the middle east in the 70's and loved the land and it's people. It was'nt hatred against any race of people or any religon or faith. It was'nt a hatred of any political movement or citizens of any particular country.

It was a hatred against evil. All evil. There is no big or small. No great or little. No black or white anymore. I finally learned after a lifetime how to hate.
Now I wish revenge on those who did this terrible deed and tought me how to hate. Now I seek justice for all who have died because of evil. I want retribution for this burning inside of me that was'nt there on Sept. 10, 2001.

From this kind of hatred. Obseseve, ever burning, unquenchable hatred of evil in all it's forms was Thanatos created by me. No one special.
I created Thanatos for one purpose and one pupose only. To fight evil in all it's forms. To stand up and do what is right and hard but has to be done.

I sit and remember, not Thanatos, full of hate towards evil. But me. A old Viet Nam vet with a wife and daughter I want to keep safe from harm like this.
No one special. Just another American.
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my vent on 911
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