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 Missing Children - What can we do?

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Crossfire the Crusader


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PostSubject: Missing Children - What can we do?   Tue Aug 19, 2008 5:54 am

Recently a young lady the same age as my oldest daughter (and a friend of hers too) disappeared from our community. She was apparently in the habit of chatting with older men on the internet and had been on the internet a few minutes before she left her house the last time she was seen.

Over the past three years I've been pained to see five of my children's friends killed. One was murdered. Another hit by a drunk driver while she was getting off the school bus. The other three died in tragic car accidents.

Now this disappearance has really began to trouble me and has encouraged me to do something more than I already do to try and protect our children.

I have learned some chilling facts...Every 37 seconds a child disappears in the United States...Adults disappear almost as often.

Of those kids who disappear nearly 90% have simply misunderstood directions, miscommunicated their plans, or have deliberately run away. 9% have been kidnaped by a family member during a custody dispute. 3% have been abducted by strangers - usually during the commission of a crime. The child usually knows the abducter. Only about 100 children are kidnapped in the typical stranger abductions that you hear of in the news. Thats a fraction of 1% of all missing children. Of those 100 about fifty come home.

A completed CHILD ID KIT helps sped up the process of looking for a missing child because the police have all the information they need already available. Every second counts when someone is missing. These also help the police in the tragic event that a body needs to be identified.
Several months ago I downloaded PDF files of Child ID kits from the Polly Klaus Foundation. These kits include safety information for kids and how-to-teach tips for parents. I have contacted the Polly Klaus foundation and recieved permission to print and distribute as many of these as I want to. I want to encourage any of you who have children or are around children to take the time to download the PDF file and print copies out for those around you. Even take time to fill one out for yourself
Here are links to their free Child ID Kit and Internet Safety Kit. Please, use them and share them with others. CF


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PostSubject: Re: Missing Children - What can we do?   Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:40 pm

Hello Crossfire,

I understand the depth of your feelings on this as they very much parallel my own. There are all manner of scum sucking low lifeís out there that prey upon children. A lot of them use the Internet to distribute their filth. I would like to suggest that you go to sign yourself up and post those links in the links section. Then you will automatically receive proper credit for the finds. It is the yahoo group site part of that I have created to help combat such things. For those who read this and donít know what the IPIF is itís a group I have created to combat crime, provide Internet information and training, and disseminate information on line. It is over and above any other group I am a part of and is not limited to members of the RLSH movement. It is open to any goodhearted individual that wants to help. Skills can be learned and shared but a good heart and willingness to help have to come from within. Toward this end I have altered the yahoo group site mentioned here to act as an on line club house and message dissemination center. That is part of the 2nd link mentioned in this letter. I will be adding other parts as needed like a memberís only chat area. I am not so egotistical as to think I am the only one capable of a decent idea so any and all help, contributions and suggestions from others to make the site better will be welcomed. As soon as we have sufficient members to begin I will lock the group down so outsiders will be unable to get in. Then we can upload whatever we need and have it safe from prying eyes. There will be a public area for non- members and non-members will be able to write to the group. I picked a yahoo group site as the basis for the group as messages sent there are automatically relayed to the members of the group. No tedious rechecking the site for information as it is delivered to you automatically. There are many that (for health or other reasons) canít take an active role as Super Heroes and such to make the world a better place. There is at present no multi-national multi-jurisdictional organization to handle the worldwide spread of evil on line. This group is my proposal to address both of those problems. Remember in order for evil to triumph it is only necessary that good people do nothing.

I will be looking forward to responses


This looks like a job for...Superman!!! Up Up and Away!!!
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Missing Children - What can we do?
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