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 using a spotter

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PostSubject: using a spotter   Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:09 pm

Was just wondering how many of us use a spotter?

A spotter is someone you have who works with you while you patrol/mission/whatever by watching for you as a extra set of eyes in a remote, but viewable location.

This can be someone walking ahead or behind you while in radio or cell phone contact. They may also be a a central position that allow them to have a overall veiw of the area. They can warn you of things you may come up on or possible attack from behind.

They can also call the police if the occaision warrents it.
IE: your in a fight and can't call.

Obviously they have to be someone you can trust and work with.

Lady Death spots for me using cell phones as our audio link. She can also record the activities to a digital recorder. I place her out of danger, (I hope) but in a position where she can warm me of things coming my way.

I am hoping to be able to afford three small cameras that can be placed in advance and broadcast to a receiver connected to a computer for recording.
(small survielance camerss now run about a hundred bucks apeice with the receaver about a hundred more)

So, does anyone else use this method?

I find it adds a extra level of safety and security to any operation.
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PostSubject: Re: using a spotter   Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:55 am

*crossposted from 'overall tactics'*

These items also apply to remote surveillance.

Try this:

and this:

Recording everything leaves nothing to chance...Although you might try finding a crusading-reporter-type to feed your info to.

The Librarian
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using a spotter
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