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 86 days

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PostSubject: 86 days   Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:22 am

I am now, 86 days away from becoming fully operational. I will be patroling at times in selected area, stepping up my investigations by more intellegence work and more "confrontations".
My equipment is almost ready. I only lack several small components and devices. But these are coming in the next few weeks. My uniform/costume/gimick has come together and everything is prepared. I am just now putting the small finishing touches on things. Have to keep to my theme.
I have my weapons ready and I am training hard with them.
I am almost where I want to be in my physical condition. And I'm mentally and spiritually prepared for what may lie ahead of me now.
I have no idea how long I will be doing this. Either until I'm not needed, or it becomes to dangerous for my family.
I plan on using a lot of unconventional methods of attack and psycological warfare. From a line I remember from the movie "Animal House": This is gonna be good!!
At some point in time, should be during November, I plan on doing a "Batman" on a rooftop that I know very well. Unlike the caped crusader, who held a thug out over the edge of the roof. I figure, what the hell? I'll just toss a crackhead over the edge. (No. I am not going to explain that one. Trust me. It's good!)
That might even get me a mention of some kind in the papers and news media. Won't hold my breath through.
I'll keep you posted on media and any "urban legend" type stuff I hear afterwards.
I have decdided to start off on Halloween. Fitting is'nt it?
Last year there was a bit of trouble around the neighborhood. So I decided that this year, the Dark Avenger would patrol over the course of the evening until very late. (or very early whichever you prefer)
I mean, come on now. I won't even be really noticed. Just another mask. hehehehehe Sly devil that I am.
I will post a log of it and may even be able to provide some audio of anything interesting. Sorry. No video, yet.
I have my spotter trained and ready. I have my communication set up with a cell. There may be pics.
Well, this will be my start. If I forget to say it later...
Thanks to everyone for their imput, ideas and friendship. Your helping me to be able to do this. I just hope it's not classed as conspiracy.

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PostSubject: Re: 86 days   Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:33 pm

I'll be sure to thwart any of your attempts.
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86 days
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