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 what I've been doing with some of my time

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PostSubject: what I've been doing with some of my time   Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:40 pm

some of my time is being spent working on a few projects.

I posted a picture of a coffin shapped slapjack here, It is just too good to pass up but I'm a little short in the money department.
So, I'm making my own out of leather and led shot (fine bird shot) cutting out the pieces and sewing and clueing. I'm making two because the wife, Lady Death, wants one for herself...just in case.

My other project was suggested by Lady Death when I told her my idea of someday having a network similar to the shadow's. ( I know we all want one)
I thought of cards with my name on one side and either "friend" for those I help, or "enemy" for those I am after.
She suggested black, coffin shaped cards with friend, family, and instead of enemy.."your mine."
friend for those I just encounter
family for those I help family because it would make them feel a part of something that cares. instead of network, family.
your mine would be given or placed on the bad guys or their cars or whatever.

I am also finishing my coat with the addition of several hidden pockets for stuff, the right pocket modified to become a holster for a pepper spray pistol.

I am also working on my gloves. I currently use two pair. sap gloves underneath and halloween gloves with the skeleton hand on it. I am going to sew or glue leather or vinyl pieces in the shape of the bones on them.
(of course Nitril gloves underneath all)

I am also making a stencil for my anti-graphitti projects. It will allow me to leave my message over gang signs and even on ganster's cars ( )

I like the sonic grenade idea I read about. I'm making a modified version or it to use as a noisemaker and diversion rather than as any kind of weapon.

I also have this LED light thing that looks like some kind of timer. When placed on blocks of modeling clay you can guess what it look's like.
Not quite sure what I might do with it but I have a nasty mind at times when it comes to criminals.

I am also learning several areas of the city where I should see activity. Driving them and walking them. Making my own maps and taking pictures. Watching for patterns and just seeing what is going on.

this while I am working full time and trying to not become a stranger to my family.

hopefully things will start happening and I can get on with the business of fighting crime on a more regular ongoing basis.
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what I've been doing with some of my time
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