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 here in vancouver

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PostSubject: here in vancouver   Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:43 am

this is a article that was brought to my attention about Vancouver

on a hunch I have responed to the newspaper with the following email

I am Thanatos, the dark avenger.
I fight against evil and crime here in Vancouver.
This is not a joke, nor am I crazy. I am part of the real life superhero movement. We number around 270 and come from all over the world.
Even from here.
I did try to send a press release out, as well as CD-rom with information and video message.
If you email me I will respond.
thank you for your time

I will let you know if I get a response.
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PostSubject: Re: here in vancouver   Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:37 pm

Pathetic. It's "heros" like yourself that convinced me to become a villian. In fact, I want to go to the other end of the country just to set you aflame.
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here in vancouver
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