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 Skiffytown League of Heroes

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PostSubject: Skiffytown League of Heroes   Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:06 pm

I am proud to announce the official launching of a NEW team of superheroes. The Skiffytown League of Heroes has established it's charter and is now a fully functioning non profit organization for superheroes who are seeking to serve the world. The league has been acting in an unofficial capacity for almost a year and has done everything from hospital visits to toy drives and many other charitable events and fund raisers. The league members gather usually at comic or sci-fi conventions around the country and then find ways to serve the people around them.

Here's the explanation from the main page of the website:

Quote :
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for stopping in, I’d like to introduce and welcome you to the Skiffytown League of Heroes. In today’s age of electronic gee whiz and faster ways to do things, life at the speed of light as it were, everything seems to change but one, and that is peoples desire to get together and lend a helping hand.

The League began as individuals striving to make a difference in their communities, doing what they could, to leave the world a better place than they found it, all the while doing it in their own unique way. In a world of six billion people, unique becomes a very hard thing to do, and amazingly, we think we’ve found a way to do it. Well, over time we all connected and began lifelong friendships and it appeared at the time, the fun was just beginning.

Now, I would like to state right here that the team of individuals wasn’t so individual after all, we all share a passion for comic books, science fiction and fantasy, to the point of writing stories, art, and attending conventions as our favorite characters. The turning point was when the opportunity came to create our own heroes and take them to the next level; we all jumped at the chance. A whole new world had opened up for us as individuals.

Meeting each other over time, we found a camaraderie that felt comfortable, as we began to get to know each other; we found an almost family like relationship growing with each passing day.

As time went on, we found ourselves wanting to do more. When we attended our first convention together as a group, we did just that, we came from across the country and we visited a children’s hospital, and that visit opened up our eyes, and our hearts. Some of us knew it would go beyond just that one visit, but truthfully, we didn’t see it coming in the manner that it did, but that’s a story for another time.

From that one visit we grew in our activities, we grew in our writing, our art, and our passion. Our next convention we jumped at the chance to work a charity drive, and we began to take every chance we could to help out, whether it was in our community or someone else’s. We even created our own coloring book to give kids, as well as a convention panel helping kids imagine their own superheroes, all free to any child wanting it.

Since the beginning, we have worked to give back to our community and help others to reach new heights, we have now created an organization that will help us to do, we hope, even greater things for those in need, across the country. Our focus is helping, and sharing, especially to the kids, they are our future, they are our legacy.

We welcome anyone with a heart for kids, a passion to do the right things, and the selflessness that comes from caring more about others than yourself.

Thank you,

Skiffytown League of Heroes

Here's the link to the website:
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Skiffytown League of Heroes
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