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 Purpose of this section

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PostSubject: Purpose of this section   Tue May 20, 2008 12:03 pm

We all have strong feelings about something. Many of us (including me) about more than one thing. As we all seem to be part of an Internet community we need a place on line where we can sound off with impunity about things that bug us. Where I come from one way itís described is "venting your spleen". Here you can say whatever you want to say, about things you feel strongly about, without having to worry about being politically correct. Flame wars will no doubt erupt in this section and thatís just fine by me as long as they stay in this section. So for this board here is where you can unload , sound off or whatever else suits your fancy. Like Zetaman said on a simular section on his board " Itís cheaper than a shrink." So donít reply to this one start a subject line of your very own.


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Purpose of this section
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